The creative spark

Countless ideas.
One melting pot.

zwissTEX distils creative ideas into products that give you the edge.

What unites the companies in zwissTEX is that they all specialize in providing outstanding textile solutions. However, each one has its own unique take on this: while, for example, the German brands Gertex and Zoeppritex push ahead with technological innovation, the Italian companies Trendintex and Free Time develop creative concepts for textiles for the fashion industry.

In both cases, the result is exceptional solutions. And, because our textile experts continually share their different knowledge, zwissTEX gives its customers and partners even more: a real edge in terms of innovation and creativity.

Contact person

Lisa Reißig
Head of Development

Gertex Texil GmbH Pommernweg 6 89547 Gerstetten

Phone +49 7323 86-165 Mobile +49 170 9992629